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iFriends' Elite-Status Members Enjoy the following Exclusive Benefits:

ELITE ONLY: High-Def – Access full-screen 720x1280 Video (like you get on big-screen HDTVs)


Frustrated that you can't get access to the higher-quality versions of iFriends HD movies? ClubElite is your ticket to better HD:

EliteView MultiView options:


Enjoy chathosts that offer multiple cams simultaneously. Watch chathosts from multiple camera angles at the same time! (The more views the better...)


Choose your favorite by watching dozens of cams at once (hundreds if you have enough bandwidth):

Elite "Live Moments":


ClubElite members can relive past chathost experiences with their favorite Stars through the exclusive "LiveMoments" feature available in the Star's free fan club. Moments spent with chathosts during live iFriends videochat sessions can be played back to relive over and over again. (Available with participating chathosts only)

Elite "Unique-Names-Mode":


Some iFriends chathosts are available under multiple screennames, so they can offer iFriends users the choice of viewing or other formats (For example, a single host might offer EasyCam, Windows Media, Real Player, and ifCam, through four different screennames). As a ClubElite member, you have the option to avoid duplicative chathost screennames and surf iFriends in "Unique-Names" mode. That means that you'll typically see only one screenname for each person that's hosting live, rather than two or five, or in some cases, even more.

Elite "iFriends HD " Enhanced Viewing:


Elite members enjoy the picture-window-perfect world of iFriends HD at higher resolution and higher quality than mere ClubVIP or regular iFriends members.


Elite status is All-Inclusive. That means you also get every benefit available to ClubVIP members, too! Enjoy these super VIP benefits: (you'll get all of these super benefits the moment you click the iFriends Elite "Upgrade" form here.)

Note: If you are not already an iFriends Member, go to Join-iFriends for our FREE membership form.

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