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VIP-only Enhanced VideoChat:


ZoomVision: "Is that a tongue-ring?" To get a closer view, VIP members can zoom the webcam window all the way to full-screen, for the ultimate "extreme close up". Webcam image can be up to four to eight times usual size (for regular members, webcam window size is limited to 1/4 screen to 1/8 screen). For sample screenshots, click here or here .

RealityMotion: For VIP users, webcam video streams at twice the normal rate, for continuous, TV-style motion.

MutualView: Optional "two-way" videochat capability that permits you and the chathost to see each other (only available if you have a webcam and desire this feature)

GoPrivate Button: The additional "Go Private" button in the videochat interface, when pressed, locks out any additional users from accessing the chatroom until you leave, leaving you alone with the chathost in privacy. (It's like hanging a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, and turning the lock).

Free "Voyeur View" Preview: Gives you a free 20-second "mini peek" inside every premium live videochat room, before you enter. And it's LIVE! With Free VIP VoyeurView, there's no "surprises" when you enter live videochat!



Elite status is All-Inclusive. That means you also get every benefit available to ClubVIP members, too! Enjoy these super VIP benefits: (you'll get all of these super benefits the moment you click the iFriends Elite "Upgrade" form here.)

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